Social Media 101 for the 2019 Federal Election

Who Should I Tag?

Any of the Official Party Leaders:

@JustinTrudeau - @AndrewScheer - @theJagmeetSingh - @ElizabethMay        

The Pediatric Chairs of Canada or Children’s Healthcare Canada:

@PedChairsCan - @ChildHealthCan

What Should I Tag?

The Pediatric Chairs of Canada Election 2019 hashtags:


The Official Election 2019 hashtag:

#elxn43 - #cndpoli

Topics to Tweet about:

The Pediatric Chairs of Canada and Children’s Healthcare Canada are focusing on three key issues this election season:

  • Safer Medications for Children

  • Healthy Minds - Child & Youth Mental Health

Find information, stats, and graphics on the three focus areas below. Please share with your networks, together we can make sure Canada’s children and youth are on the radar for the 2019 Federal Election!

The child & youth pop'n in Canada is growing. Put children on a healthier trajectory for life. @JustinTrudeau @AndrewScheer @theJagmeetSingh @ElizabethMay what will YOU do to get kids back on the radar? #InvestInKids #VoteForEveryChild #elxn43 #pedianomics

20% of kids in Canada experience mental illness, but less than 1/3 have contact with a mental health provider. @JustinTrudeau @AndrewScheer @theJagmeetSingh @ElizabethMay How will you make child & youth #mentalhealth a priority? #InvestInKids #elxn43

Kids are not little adults. Having commercial, child friendly medication formulations available for pediatric patients is vital. #StandUpForKids and #InvestInKids by creating a child friendly pharmacare strategy. #elxn43