PCC Annual Initiatives

National Academic Paediatric Workforce Database
In 1993, the 16 Chairs of Paediatrics in Canada initiated an annual survey of paediatric specialists and sub-specialists who practiced within their Medical Schools and compiled the first nation-wide population-based academic paediatric workforce database. Over the last decade, PCC has improved the accuracy of the survey data by developing standardized physician career activity profiles and reporting criteria.
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Paediatric Academic Leadership Awards
Over the last ten years PCC has promoted the development of excellence and leadership within specific career paths. We believe that the health of children and youth is dependent on leadership in each of the roles of clinician practitioner (teacher), clinician educator, clinician investigator and in association with these rules the provision of administrative leadership. To recognize support and promote these roles among academic paediatricians, the Chairs are pleased to establish the National Paediatric Leadership Awards in each of the categories.
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