Paediatric Undergraduate Program Directors of Canada

The Paediatric Undergraduate Program Directors of Canada (PUPDOC) are committed to promoting the teaching and learning of paediatric medicine at an undergraduate level, by achieving the following goals.

  1. To develop a common broad curriculum for undergraduate medical education in child health across Canada.

  2. To identify, develop and share evaluation methods of medical students completing paediatric rotations.
  3. To assist and mentor the individual paediatric undergraduate program directors in networking and sharing ideas in education and research.
  4. To assist the Paediatric Program Chairs in promoting and meeting the educational needs of undergraduate medical students in aspects of child health.
  5. To promote excellence in paediatric education at all levels – through links with other undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs and CME.
  6. To advance the scholarly pursuit of medical education.

For more information, please visit the PUPDOC website at

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