Children’s Healthcare Canada


For Canadian leaders in children’s healthcare, we are the only national association that enables local improvements and contributes to system-wide change by building communities across the full continuum of care. Our members deliver health services to children and youth, and include regional health authorities, children’s tertiary/quaternary and rehabilitation hospitals, community hospitals, children’s treatment centres and home/respite care providers.

Each year, millions of children and youth rely on the essential services delivered by Children’s Healthcare Canada member organizations. As a national association, Children’s Healthcare Canada:

  • Takes a systemic approach to children’s health: We work with stakeholders across the continuum of care to build integrated and innovative child health systems.

  • Assembles diverse perspectives and expertise: We bring together stakeholders to share knowledge and insights that propel conversations forward and inform action.

  • Has a strong and stable foundation: Over our 50 year history, we have built a strong and loyal membership base – having proven our value over time. The relationships and trust we have built provides a springboard for success.

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