Canadian Child & Youth Health Coalition

Established in 2004, the Canadian Child & Youth Health Coalition (CCYHC) is a collaboration of ten major national organizational and program members working together with a common vision to advance the cause of child and youth health and health care in Canada. The current membership of CCYHC includes the:

  • Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC);
  • Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (CCHCSP);
  • Canadian Family Advisory Network (CFAN);
  • Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS);
  • Council of Canadian Child Health Research (CCCHR);
  • Maternal, Infant, Child, & Youth Research Network (MICYRN);
  • National Infant, Child, & Youth Mental Health Consortium (NICYMHC);
  • Paediatric Chairs of Canada (PCC); 
  • Pediatric Surgical Chiefs of Canada (PSCC); and,
  • Sandbox Project 

While each organization/program holds distinct mandates, the Coalition members share many common goals and objectives. The Coalition firmly believes that the synergistic strength gained through formal collaboration on jointly established strategic priorities provides a strong vehicle for achieving more in identified areas of concern than individual member organizations can accomplish independently. Together, Coalition members can build on their respective mandates by addressing common priorities from a comprehensive perspective.

The collective mandate of the CCYHC is to advance the health and health care of Canada’s children and youth by providing a powerful framework for the stimulation of new knowledge development, the promotion of knowledge uptake/application to practice and policy, the support of training and education initiatives, and the strengthening of national advocacy. By engaging a broad range of constituents and stakeholders across the continuum of child and youth health, CCYHC has amassed unprecedented capacity and expertise to formulate, facilitate, implement and evaluate national initiatives and programs to address the pressing issues confronting the health of our youngest citizens.

The Coalition has established the following six overall goals to guide its work:

  • Ensure rapid and efficient development of new knowledge through research in areas of national importance to the health and well-being of children and youth;
  • Facilitate and support the application of evidence-based practice and policy;
  • Stimulate the development and evaluation of models of practice, quality care and safety, supporting efficient, effective, and accessible systems of child and youth health care;
  • Develop and sustain excellence in transdisciplinary child and youth health education, research and training;
  • Advocate on national child and youth health, healthcare and policy issues that will benefit from the collective expertise and influence of the Coalition and inform policy; and
  • Actively seek out new partners to strengthen the coalition’s capacity to achieve its goals.

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