In advance of the 2019 October Federal Election, Children's Healthcare Canada’s Spark:Live will be hosting a fall webinar series entitled "Getting Kids on the Radar".  This four part series will welcome partners from across the Children’s Healthcare Canada community to discuss child health priorities within the context of the election.  Some of the partners that will be featured throughout the webinar series will include subject matter experts from the Children’s Healthcare Canada membership, the Pediatric Chairs of Canada, UNICEF Canada, Children First Canada, the Canadian Pediatric Society, the Goodman Centre for Pediatric Formulations and The Caring Society.

Three policy priorities will be discussed in depth: Safer Medications for Children, Child and Youth Mental Health, and Indigenous Child and Youth Health. 

By the end of the series, Children’s Healthcare Canada members, and the broader child health community will be able to: 

  1. Clearly articulate why child health must be a priority of the federal government; 

  2. More fully understand some of the child and youth health issues that would be relevant to the Federal Government, and potential candidates during the election and beyond,

  3. Identify which federal parties have made commitments to advance child health and wellbeing within the context of their election platforms

  4. Define and describe each of Children’s Healthcare Canada’s three policy priorities to improve child health and health systems serving children and youth. 

  5. Describe tactics to engage local candidates in child health priorities. 

The series will begin September 18th, 2019.