2019 Recipients - Paediatric Academic Leadership Awards

Clinician Practitioner

Dr. Robin Walker

This annual award recognizes excellent in leadership by a clinician whose clinical practice has served as an outstanding environment for the education of trainees and the advancement of practice through knowledge translation and dissemination and leadership within the discipline.

Dr. Walker has created a distinguished career as a neonatologist throughout many academic leadership appointments across institutions as an active clinician, researcher and educator. He has held significant appointments as well within Health Canada and the Canadian Institute of Child Health. He is also the former President of the Canadian Paediatric Society which is a testament to his wide impact regarding issues in the field of Pediatrics.

Most extra-ordinary is the legacy he has created as a determined advocate for the health needs of children and youth for over three decades. He is been a staunch leader in Canada’s national public awareness movement to end child poverty and steadfast in advancing the rights of children and youth including his commitment to the right for all children to have a health start in life.

PCC celebrates with Dr. Robin Walker his career highlights and continued advocacy efforts on behalf of the wellbeing of his patients and all children.

Clinician Educator

Dr. Jay Rosenfield

This award recognizes excellent in leadership by a clinician who has primarily demonstrated through the advancement of educational innovation and practice that advances the quality of teaching related to children and youth and beyond. The successful candidate will have achieved scholarship in Medical Education as well as notable experience in teaching in a clinical setting.

Dr. Rosenfield is a Developmental Pediatrician and a distinguished leader whose contributions to medical education spans domains in both undergraduate and postgraduate education not only in Pediatrics but across all specialties. He has been responsible for the implementation of many curricular innovations and created new leadership offices. He also influenced the development of the first prototype of a web-based teaching tool for kindergarten teachers for early identification and intervention for special needs Children.

His collaborative spirit has led to tremendous success in partnership with many national stakeholders including co-authoring the ground-breaking The Future of Medical Education in Canada: a Collective Vision for MD Education Project with Canadian Faculties of Medicine.

PCC celebrates Dr. Jay Rosenfield as a passionate leader, strong advocate for learners and a skilled innovator of systemic change.

Clinician Investigator

Dr. Nada Jabado

This annual award recognizes excellent in leadership which is primarily demonstrated through outstanding leadership in the development of environments that foster opportunity for child and youth health research.

Dr. Jabado’s success and excellence as a scientist is acknowledged and celebrated by your peer community. She has been responsible for revolutionary research findings influencing the World Health Organization to revise its classification of Central Nervous System Tumours. Additionally, her research into the histone binding gene with its targeted and effective interventions is expected to lead to improved outcomes.

Dr. Jabado is an exceptional national and international leader in science primarily in the field of pediatric neuro-oncology but also in cancer in general. She is a highly productive researcher whose career achievement has successfully garnered multi-million-dollar research funding.

PCC celebrates Dr. Nada Jabado as an outstanding investigator and commends her passion and compassion both in her research as well as the care she offers for her patients and their families.