2018 Recipients - Paediatric Academic Leadership Awards

Clinician Practitioner


Dr. Khalid Aziz

Dr. Aziz is recognized as a founding member of the Acute Care of at-Risk Newborns (ACoRN) Program which has been implemented with astounding results across Canada.  His influence as a leader is irrefutable, moreover he has built interdisciplinary and global connections leading to over 200 publications that educate and inform the neonatal and general pediatric community.

His commitment to the development and implementation of a simulation-based quality improvement workshop that has been piloted not only here in Canada but in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, India, Pakistan and Iran offered a very impressive and innovative achievement in global health advocacy. Dr. Aziz is also to be commended on his efforts in implementing a midwifery education program through the Ethiopia-Canada Maternal-Newborn-Child Health Project resulting in a remarkable 50% reduction of in-patient neonatal morality.  Congratulations go out to Dr. Aziz on these significant achievements attesting to the outstanding leadership and lasting impact.

Clinician Educator


Dr. Adele Atkinson

Dr. Atkinson’s success as an Associate Professor, and Director of Post-Graduate Medical Education has been recognized by colleagues throughout Canada.

For years her career has shown her to be an outstanding clinician educator.  She has been described by residents as someone who “empowers residents to have a voice in the design of their program” and whose “fierce advocacy for and unrelenting commitment to, resident education and wellbeing” is simply “inspirational”.

Nationally, Dr. Atkinson contributions to the RCPSC as a member of the Specialty Committee in Paediatrics, the Examination Committee, the Education Committee, the Committee on Specialties to name a few, and are much admired.  This in addition to her national role as Lead for Competency by Design which is central to the success of CBD implementation across Canada is truly remarkable.  Acknowledging her national impact is an important milestone for Dr. Atkinson, for paediatric education and for the leaders she is developing.  PCC is delighted to recognize the tremendous value and exceptional leadership of Dr. Atkinson.

Clinician Investigator


Dr. Kym Boycott

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada was most impressed with the multi-faceted commitment of Dr. Boycott’s career. Her many roles and success in Ottawa as a Clinical Geneticist at CHEO, as a Senior Scientist at CHEO’s Research Institute and as a Professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology is commendable and makes her our first female awardee in this category.

In her world-renowned research career as, Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Boycott has amassed an outstanding $30 M of funding from Genome Canada and CIHR. Moreover, her outstanding leadership has resulted in the identification of well over 100 novel rare disease genes as well as the broadening of the phenotype for almost as many conditions.  All this in addition to the much deserving accolades for the 140 publications which can be found in very high impact journals. 

Most noteworthy is that Dr. Boycott continues to apply her research directly to her patients and that in the training of so many scientists, she has built expert capacity and a wealth of knowledge in the field of genetics. PCC is thrilled to recognize and celebrate Dr. Boycott’s tremendous success.