2014 Recipients - Paediatric Academic Leadership Awards


(L - R) Dr. Lennox Huang, Dr. Ronald D. Barr, Dr. Ronald G. Barr, Dr. Allison Eddy, Dr. Saleem Razack, Dr. Michael Shevell

(L - R) Dr. Lennox Huang, Dr. Ronald D. Barr, Dr. Ronald G. Barr, Dr. Allison Eddy, Dr. Saleem Razack, Dr. Michael Shevell

Clinician Practitioner

Dr. Ronald D. Barr

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada congratulate Dr. Ronald D. Barr as PCC’s recipient of the 2014 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Practitioner Award. The career of Dr. Ronald D Barr is a testament of a lifetime commitment to the care of child and youth health. He has an international reputation for his work in pediatrics and has achieved great influence as a devoted clinician, rigorous researcher, teacher, mentor and administrator. His significant accomplishments are in the establishment of the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO). This group has had a major influence on research and surveillance of survivors of childhood cancer. He also co-chaired the Canadian National Task Force on Adolescent and Young Adults with Cancer funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. He has also worked to address the challenge of poor availability of safe, cost-effective chemotherapy in developing countries. He has authored more than 350 papers and his worked has impacted the identification of late effects of cancer treatment and measurement of health status and health-related quality of life.

Dr. Barr is known for his unwavering and complete support for the provision of care to children. His leadership in numerous child and youth health initiatives has resulted in improved education and trainee opportunities and significant advancements in clinical practice. The international paediatric healthcare community has benefited from his vision and leadership for many years and we are pleased to recognize and celebrate his contributions.


Clinician Educator

Dr. Saleem Razack

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada congratulate Dr. Saleem Razack as PCC’s recipient of the 2014 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Educator Award. Clinically Dr. Razack has close to 20 years of service as an attending at Montreal Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. All would agree that he has exemplified the very best of professionalism and physicianship in what are challenging clinical milieus always providing a tangible and direct role model for trainees and colleagues.

Academically he is presently an Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Education) in the Department of Pediatrics. Since 2009 he has also served as Assistant Dean (Admission, Diversity & Equity) in the Faculty of Medicine with direct overall responsibility for the management of the Faculty selection process for each incoming medical school class.

While Residency Program Director, he translated our emerging awareness and sensitivity to the particular health care needs of vulnerable populations to develop Canada’s first mandatory core rotation and fellowship in social pediatrics that has served as a model for other training programs.

At the undergraduate level of medical education, Dr. Razack has been active within the context of formulating join inter-professionalism training that combines medical, rehabilitation and nursing students on the topic of cultural awareness. He has also engaged in the scholarship of education. He also has significant awards for his work which includes the national award of May Cohen Gender Equity Award in 2012.


Clinician Investigator

Dr. Ronald G. Barr

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada congratulate Dr. Ronald G. Barr as PCC’s recipient of the 2014 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Investigator Award. Dr. Ronald G Barr is truly one of North America’s most accomplished academic developmental-behavioral pediatricians. He career ‘describes a unique arc from clinical pediatrics through basic behavioral and observational investigations incorporating multiple disciplines to a practical and translational community-based prevention for infant abuse and shaken baby syndrome.’

He is a Canada Research Chair, Tier 1. He has over 200 publications and a significant history of successful grants, which have significantly led to the development of Developmental and Behavior Pediatrics as an academic field. He has been elected to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and was a member of its Royal Society of Canada expert panel report on Early Childhood Development.

He has been a member of more than a dozen editorial boards of academic journal in pediatrics, development and anthropology and has served on provincial, national and international advisory boards.

In addition to his leadership in international research societies, his commitment has been expressed through his roles within his home hospitals and associated research institutes. His Child development Laboratory at BC Children’s Hospital is a preferred site for pursuing future academic goals through staff positions.

He has been described by colleagues as an ‘intellectual giant, a visionary, a pioneer, tireless advocate and a warm and passionate human being who is highly deserving of recognition for his exemplary academic leadership in paediatric clinical investigation’.