2012 Recipients - Paediatric Academic Leadership Awards


Clinician Practitioner

Dr. Pierre Déry

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada congratulate Dr. Pierre Déry as PCC’s recipient of the 2012 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Practitioner Award. Pierre is a well-known figure in Canadian Pediatric health care. He remains a clinician and teacher in Quebec city after more than 40 years of advocacy and administrative leadership. He has significant accomplishments in all areas of academic endeavour including research and the building of an environment for research (99 publications and a roll as a founder of the Infectious Disease Research Unit at Laval), he practices in his discipline and is a respected teacher. The terms of reference for this award emphasize leadership (“Excellence in Leadership will be primarily focused on the clinician whose clinical practice has served as an outstanding environment for the education of trainees and the advancement of practice through knowledge translation and dissemination and leadership within the discipline”.) When viewed from the perspective of a lifetime career, leadership practically defines Pierre’s work. He has been a passionate advocate for the care of children in eastern Quebec where he has consistently promoted the development of a full range of child health services. Without Pierre Déry’s continuous and steady leadership, advocacy and persistence, the organization of pediatric care, consolidated as it is at CHUL, would not be the thriving environment that it is today. His steady leadership has made it possible for others to practice in all areas of pediatrics in an integrated service. Pierre has also played an important role at the national level and is well known outside his home province. His many years as Chair of Pediatrics at Laval lead to his interaction with other Pediatric Chairs where he played a leadership role in the establishment of the Pediatric Chairs of Canada from a very loose informal association to its current organization. It is because of this leadership role in building the pediatric environment in Quebec and Canada that the committee enthusiastically recommends Dr Pierre Déry over several other outstanding clinician practitioners in this year’s nominations.


Clinician Educator

Dr. Mona Jabbour

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada congratulate Dr. Mona Jabbour as PCC’s recipient of the 2012 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Educator Award. Dr. Jabbour completed her MD at McMaster and her Pediatric Residency and Emergency Medicine Fellowship in Ottawa in 1995. She then went on to take a Masters degree in Higher Education at OISE and has used the skills developed to promote education in each role she has played. She was Pediatric Residency Program Director for 5 years from 1999 – 2004 and has been Vice-Chair, Education, for the Department of Pediatrics in Ottawa since 2004. She was also Director of Continuing Medical Education for CHEO for 11 years from 1998-2009. She became the Medical Director of the Emergency Department in 2006 and held that post until last year when she became the Vice-Chair of the Department of Pediatrics. She has played and active role in Pediatric Education at the national level including her work with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. She is currently the Chief Examiner for the Pediatric Examination Board and has been on the examination committee continuously since 2000 as well as serving on numerous additional committees. She has also been active with the Medical Council of Canada. She is active in outreach pediatric education to emergency departments in community hospitals where children are seen by generalists. Her efforts have been recognized by her peers, winning the Resident Advocate Award on two occasions and an Award for Excellence and Innovation in Postgraduate Medical Education from the University of Ottawa. Dr. Jabbour is also active in several research projects to improve education in child health care including being Co-Director of TREKK, the large CUHR - funded KT program to improve Emergency care, and as a Co-Investigator in an MOHLTC-funded study to enhance the Pediatric Curriculum using a Teaching File and the development of an internet-based program for Anxious Youth. She has also published educationally relevant manuscripts in the peer – reviewed literature. On the basis of her consistent local, national and academic interest in pediatric education we feel Mona Jabbour merits the award for 2012.


Clinician Investigator

Dr. Victor Han

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada congratulate Dr. Victor Han as PCC’s recipient of the 2012 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Investigator Award. Dr Han came to Canada for pediatric training in 1980 after medical training in Burma and Postgraduate training in the UK. He left to do a research fellowship in North Carolina and returned to London in 1986 as a neonatologist and perinatal researcher the University of Western Ontario where he has been ever since. While continuing to practice as a Neonatologist, Dr. Han has been continuously funded for his research in fetal and placental growth and molecular mechanisms of preeclampsia. He was awarded a Canada Research Chair Perinatal Research in 2001. His CV indicates 140 peer-reviewed publications and many of them have high impact. His role as a mentor and builder is also legendary. He has been director of the Children’s Health Research Institute at U of WO and is currently Associate Dean of Research for the faculty of Medicine and Dentistry where he has selflessly promoted inquiry into child health problems in all trainees. He has served on many national and international committees aimed at promoting child health research. Two quotes from Dr Filler’s nomination letter sums up how many people feel about Dr Han’s contribution: “He is continually helping to establish linkages between basic scientists, clinician scientists and clinicians with the aim to optimize the sharing of ideas, skills and knowledge across different fields of expertise and to foster collaborative interdisciplinary working relationships” and “….has the unique ability to engage his learners while teaching even the most complex molecular mechanisms, while making linkages and highlighting relevance to clinical medicine.” Dr Han has applied his talents at the national level as well as in his home department and has influenced many young researchers across the spectrum of pediatrics, not just in Neonatology. The committee was in complete consensus on awarding this year’s Clinical Investigator Award to Victor Han.