2009 Recipients - Paediatric Academic Leadership Awards


Clinician Practitioner

Dr. Jean Labbé

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada congratulate Dr. Jean Labbé as PCC’s recipient of the 2009 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Practitioner Award.

Jean Labbé was selected for the Clinician Practitioner Award for many reasons. Perhaps the most remarkable consideration was his pioneering work and many contributions in the field of Childhood Abuse and Neglect. Thirty years ago, when he started this work, child abuse and neglect had been largely ignored. His work to develop guidelines and establish committees in Quebec to deal with unexplained death of children were landmark. The concepts and processes he developed are now used throughout the Francophone world. He also worked with medical students, pediatric residents, pediatricians, family physicians, nurses, social workers, teachers, lawyers, police officers, and the general public to increase awareness of child abuse. He is also an outstanding teacher and has been nominated previously for a PCC Leadership Award as Clinician Educator. He co-founded the Quebec branch of TIPS (Teaching Improvement Projects System). For many years, he was the Director of the Continuity Clinic for Pediatric Residents, as well as being in charge of the weekly conference regarding ambulatory pediatrics. He has played an active role in the Canadian Pediatric Society; on the Indian and the Inuit Committee, on the Editorial Board of the journal, and in issues related to child abuse and neglect. His work has been recognized by the Canadian Pediatric Society with an advocacy award, by the “l’Association des medicines de langue française du Canada, and by the Académie des Grand Québecois (as the first recipient for the new health section). He appears to be one of those people who “steps up to the plate” to fill gaps in a service, education and leadership role, including everything from Northern Health to an Enuresis Clinic—always doing an outstanding job. As a clinical practitioner for Québec City, he has served as a consultant for government and public health authorities. He has demonstrated outstanding, innovative, and community leadership by advocating for the underserved and modeling superb clinical skills.


Clinician Educator

Dr. Susan Tallet

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada congratulate Dr. Susan Tallet as PCC’s recipient of the 2009 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Educator Award.

Dr. Susan Tallet was nominated for her international leadership in pediatric education. She has a remarkable breadth of interest in education and has made sustained contributions locally, nationally, and internationally. She has been the Director of the Core Pediatrician training program at the University of Toronto, Associate Chair of Education in Pediatrics and chaired a number of University Postgraduate Education Committees. Nationally, Sue was the Chair of the Canadian Pediatric Program Directors group for many years as well as being Chair of the Canadian Pediatric Society Sub-Committee on Education. She has also made enormous contributions to the Medical Council of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. In addition, her emphasis on patient safety within the Royal College has been landmark. She has published a remarkable number of articles on education and research in education. Perhaps most remarkable of all is that SickKids has developed a Sick Kids Learning Institute (the first children’s hospital in Canada and perhaps in the world to do so) and Sue is now the Chief of Education of that Learning Institute. The quintessential clinical educator, her tireless efforts on behalf of the children and youth of Canada will be appropriately recognized by the PCC Clinical Educator Award.


Clinician Investigator

Dr. Norman Rosenblum

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada congratulate Dr. Norman Rosenblum as PCC’s recipient of the 2009 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Investigator Award.

Dr. Norman Rosenblum was nominated for the PCC Clinical Investigator Award because he has shown enormous leadership locally, nationally and internationally. He has been the Associate Chair for Research in the Department of Pediatrics for seven years, the SickKids Research Institute’s Clinician Scientist Training Program and currently is in charge of the University of Toronto’s MD PhD program.  At the same time, he maintained his own outstanding research lab, selflessly committed himself to the Department, his trainees and the SickKids Research Institute. He initiated new mentorship training positions for trainees, a research training fellowship, and a faculty development program for research within the department. Nationally, he is the Principal Investigator of the CIHR funded Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program. In addition, he has been part of the North American – wide Pediatric Scientist Development Program (PSDP) , and he has interacted with the program in the Netherlands. For his passion and commitment, his organizational skills, and his innovative leadership, we recommend him as a model for the PCC Clinician Investigator Award.